Thursday, 30 March 2017

When your kids will be Robots..

Recently I came across two new scientific discoveries or research some may want to call it.
In the first, Human heart tissue was created using a spinach leaf. Amazed? May be not so amazing for sciene-maniacs, but yea, this research is an eye-opener. Without going into the "HOW" part, its good to understand the "WHY" part. As per the scientists, this can help in understanding heart better and can possibly open doors for curing several deadly cardio-vascular ailments, may be cloning the heart itself. That's a good news. Plus many other benefits but lets limit ourselves here.

In the second, Human kidneys were converted into bio-computers.. Well, yes they did!! And why? For possibly treating diseases by making kidney work as per outside instructions, just like a computer. We will be able to program our kidney to do as we say. For kidney failures, this might be a boon. But on a lighter note, will we be able to instruct our kidney to do shit as per our convenience? Like, no pressure at all??? We will time it as per the clean toilets-availability :D :D (This reminds me of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan)

But coming back.. Science.. Science has come a long way.. from making our lives easier to luxurious to slaves.. That's what we are.. Slaves of Science. These discoveries make me wonder that my kids..NO.. Probably great-great-grand kids will be charging their hearts, kidneys etc with a charger like a phone.. May be there will be no phones, but they themselves will be sending signals directly.. Telepathy? You never know what science will create out of the box. So just wonder.. May be future kids won't need oxygen anymore.. No more trees.. and SAVE TREES slogans... Great na?

But will it be a life as we live and cherish today? What about Nature and the whole idea of living along with Nature? The future kids won't have the childhood that we had.. Forget future, this new generation kids are also jailed behind tablets and laptops today.. But still.. Slavery will return, just of another kind..

I am not against science, not at all.. After all, many of the researches are for good like for curing cancer and AIDS like diseases, getting disaster warnings before hand etc etc.. But still it makes me remember that old saying, "Too much of everythig is bad".. Afterall, these diseases are in a way a result of science (also known as lifestyle diseases) and these disasters which are getting intensified due to anthropogenic activities.. again lifestyle..again science... I may sound anti-science or anti-development.. But what about Nature? Better call me pro-nature, sounds nicer..

Besides, in all this, I have a point (not completely new though), but yes..there is one. Why in the first place we need such cures, break-through discoveries, sophisticated sensors and all? Why are we compelled to change Nature (leaf into a heart or body into a machine?) Science made us do that.. As now we are slaves, we ought to become machines..

But do we want to become machines or say Robots? Are'nt we fed up of charging our gadgets that now it will be our organs too? Nobody would want that..atleast majority.. (lets be democratic :D)

So who will save us? No doubt it's our very own NATURE :) Its big time that we become serious about changing our lifestyles.. Towards being more natural..being more Human that we actually are.. Lets not fall victim of those deadly diseases, disasters, machines, to name a few.. Better get our shoes and run! or walk! or anything! Just connect with Nature today and for as long as we can..

It took millions of years for life to evolve, lets just try to save it.. for our great-great-grand-kids, let us give them their Childhood atleast..

Save Nature, Save Yourself :)        

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