Monday, 27 February 2017

The Problem is: You have not failed!!

Story of an IAS aspirant....

For once you have tasted the soil of failure, you might have been more furious in your attempt.. Just a thought..
Many of all the people you are thinking about or getting the motivation dose from, have tasted it and hence, are working day and night to achieve their goal.. But unfortunately, you have not failed.. You know why? Because its your first attempt.. It could be for sure "First of many" because the zeal is missing.. The fire, that once let you leave everything behind, is clearly in ashes now..

But.. Do you want to get a failure to succeed? Why not looking at the people who did marvels in the very first attempt.. Everything will not come in beautiful trays to serve you hot.. They might even burn you if dont handle the advantage you have with care..

Yes.. the advantage.. For you have many many success stories.. The one timers, the two, three and some even four timers... And its upto you to write your own story!!

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