Sunday, 26 February 2017

Super Demotivated... What to to?

NO Seriously.. What really should you do when you are demotivated to a level so so low that its now out of your control to handle..
You seek advices from people, make calls or just sleep so that when you wake up, you might feel better and get back to work.. Still not working..
Read a a to your Dog.. try some dance..sing a song... Still NO?
All right, lets try wasting some more time until the self-motivation lecture starts drumming in your head.. Watch some crap on youtube because last time you made a promise that you will not watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S again as it distracts you..
Well.. May be last time it helped, not again..

You know, there always might not be a solution and you can keep running in the circle..
Because, its a circle with no end and before you know it, you are trapped!
Trapped. Ok. Now what?
Time is running is your life.. 25 today.. Not more than 5 years to turn 30 and cry about what must have been done in the last five years..last five GONE years..
Think about it?
The list is ready but not you. You are here sitting demotivated..

So.. Relax now. You have tried everything that you could have.. So just relax now. Shut the whole world and your eyes.. Now seriously think what's this time is for? Review the whole TO-DO list and think which one should me marked "DONE" first? Is it marriage, honeymoon? Travelling or studying? Getting settled first or your career first?

You have already made a choice a year back. Its not like that you cannot go back and reshuffle your choices.You Can, you absolutely can. But before that, think about it again. What do you really want at this moment of time which cannot wait another year.
That's it. This is what you want.
NOW you can keep sitting idle, lazy and sad for some more time..kill it.. Or else mark it off this unromantic time and grab your shoes, pick yourself up and get back to work! Your dreams are yours..your list is yours..

Remember, If you don't care, nobody else would..

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