Sunday, 6 November 2016

We.. The Change..

Lately I have been thinking of all the issues hovering over our lives. Be it the unbreathable air these days or too much corruption in every department, the poor becoming poorer or we becoming ignorant of all the problems and doing our things instead. I feel sad. I feel pity of me and actually everyone around me. We are so busy in our lives that we do nothing but complain. We keep waiting for government and respective departments to do something. Actually no, we dont even trust the government now for the shear reason that results are not visible. Ah! True that, cant blame people for this distrust.

Now the good question is, Can we do something? Whats our role in all these?
We (being educated citizens) cannot be ignorant forever and we cannot wait forever to see this country changing, or to say, our cities changing. The plight of poor begging around mandirs, or poor kids selling stuff at traffic lights or the man working hard day and night just to have one time meal for his family.. All this disturbs us, many amongst us at least. Lets be a little selfish here and try to make an effort for our disturbance. Lets be the change. Lets set out an example for everyone out there. And we know what we ought to do. We just need to do!!

Some things that I am going to do to be the change are listed below. This is my way, I know yours is a way too. Lets make our ways through. Today it might be you and me only, but there will be a chain soon. Without thinking what that guy is doing, I will continue my efforts. They wont be in vain. 

1. This air pollution makes me sick. Cant just wave a wand and clear it, but my way would be.. I wont be driving for some days now. I will use a vehicle only when it cant be avoided and will pool whenever possible. I know there will be people thinking the same. Yes we will do our bit.

2. Those poor kids.. :( They need to be educated. I will take responsibility for one kid and I will see him/her getting a descent job one day.

3. Those homeless pets.. A glass of milk  and some rotis for them wont hurt.

4. I will not support any corruption before my eyes. I will make sure that wont happen with me and around me.

It might look faltu to some, but you know, each drop in the ocean matters. Whats in my hand, is in my hand. I will be the change. Amen :)

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