Thursday, 2 April 2015

The magic of Dance

Shadi wala dance to sabne hi kia hoga.. But, have you ever tried dancing in the rain? Or in the washroom before the mirror? Ever danced like madness at its peak? My list is all so long, so let me just bubble them up..

-> Dancing on old hindi slow songs, especially Bachchan Sir's "Chumma Chumma " , standing on your bed? or ever shook it like Shammi?

-> Waking up on your birthday, and celebrating it while dancing for another successful and happy year passed and a hope for much more successful and happier year?

-> In a closed empty room, pouring all your heart out to dance..

-> In a dance class with all the awesome dancers, trying to match your feet with them?

-> With a girl or a boy, the close dance??

-> In front of hundreds of people, not giving it a damn what will they think about you?

-> On Stage, trying to get some praise or in a mall, all random??

->  In your office, all of a sudden while working, celebrating big moments?

-> How can I skip asking talli wala dance? Most of the people only dance when they are high enough?

-> On a beach, or in the snow, while on your vacation?

The list will be endless for those who love to dance. I mentioned just a few of them that clicked me right now. Dance is my soul. It is everything. I am not a great dancer. To my bad luck, am not trained in any single dance form, which I will do one day, for sure.

Dance is so close to me, that a good dance performance on TV  just makes my day. If I had been trained in early years of my life, I would have choosen dance as my profession . But for a life full of books, I missed it. But never to loose heart, if not a profession, its my favourite hobby. It sets me free, it gives me pleasure. I dance to express myself, to calm down my anger, to sway away my stress , to celebrate happiness, to celebrate life.
Every time I dance, I turn into a better version of me. Trust me, I have tried all of the above list, except for dancing in a mall and in the snow. Needless to say, will do that one day.

I am still wondering why I am writing this, and you will be wondering why are you reading this ?? I seriously don't have any answer, I just love dancing and felt like expressing my emotions for dance. If you feel like you have wasted your time, you can try two-three things from the list that may cheer you up. You need not be a dancer, you need not love dancing,  just close your eyes, breathe and Dance :) 


  1. I think all the readers deserve to know that Mahak is a great dancer... although not being an expert of a particular dance form... yet, the best part is, she always dances her heart out, which reflects her love for dance :-)
    Thank you Mahak for teaching me how to dance.. more importantly, giving me the confidence to perform, despite me being a very average dancer :-)

  2. That's very kind of you kushal.. You are biased, being a very good friend of mine.. Apart from that, I wanted to tell you, I have heard so many people praising your dance, mostly they are flattered by your expressions and nautanki.. All this is because you enjoy dancing, that's where you get full marks and full praise. And I am so happy that I was involved in teaching you a lil bit, after which you had gone so far and made me feel proud.