Friday, 13 March 2015

What next?

For an entirely new blogger like me, who just wants to write but don't know what to write, it's immensely frustrating to have started a blog and then sitting back and wondering, what next???
  Because of this fear, that I won't be able to give it ample time, and more importantly, what will I write about, I never did anything to take my wish to a new level.. Bt you know, sometimes, amidst all odds, you just get a ray of hope which is all together sufficient to enlighten you.. That's what happened with me or worked for me that I instantly created my blog without much thinking.. But the moment I finished my first one, I was stuck with the dear question again, what next?? 

Lots of issues inspired me on which I seldom write about (in my head only).. Ideas were there to continue my blog but with all randomness.. I like randomness but not at the cost of illogical irrelevant blogs without a purpose.. I think, there must be an inspiration.. for me and for the readers.. So why not let me start with this very question, What Next?
I knew my problems and after a lot of soul searching and deep introspection, I made a start. But I also knew, I am not alone in this race. Lots of people like me dream about so many things that they want to do in their lives, apart from what they are already doing. There is a secret wish, a buried desire.. But the fear of “Will it be continued?”, “Will it go somewhere?”, “Will it lead me somewhere?”, is the real problem that keeps them from even making  a move. So here is the funda.. Just start it.. Atleast give it a try.. Maybe, it will fail, Maybe, you will fail.. Maybe, it will waste your time or you might loose interest in that, or sometthing else might fill the void.. But just think, will that all go in vain?? No.. For one thing, u will be happy and you should be happy for you made a start.. You did something entirely for tried to accomplish a long lost desire..and who knows, you might do marvels in that.. You might find out your ultimate purpose of life. You might find something else that u want to do or always wanted to do.. Now, you can make a move for that also.. Most of it, you won't have any regrets in your life.. And that my friend, is one thing for which wasting a lil time won't ever be a regret.. So..just start!!!! Because its never too late. Cheers!!

Do it now, because sometimes, LATER becomes NEVER

P.S. For the readers, I don't want nice article type comments. Reason being , I want you to share your wish for which you are going to make a move, or are already doing something for that, please share your story so that others can be motivated. For those, who din't get the answer while reading, just introspect. Think of some random hobbies and try that. Do not stop until you find out your passion. Passion is what keeps us all alive. And, alive is awesome :D


  1. Even after 5 minutes of introspection, I cant think of one thing to start.
    But yeah, while reading your blog, some topics were hitting my mind to write about.
    Well lets see when I write my First One..:P

  2. You should start.. Write something and send me the link here :)

  3. Wow Mahak. What an inspirational write-up! As far as my wishes are concerned, I'm not a very passionate person, and as you mentioned, I should start with some introspection. However, I do like to keep my interests alive, about which I would like to give a brief background.
    I love to play Badminton that I presently play regularly. I admire music a lot - I like to sing, but I don't want to pursue it professionally. I can begin with learning musical instruments like guitar or drums. I am kind of excited about wildlife adventures, for which I'm reaching out to my friends (including you) to plan a 3-4 day long trip to Jim Corbett National Park. Professionally, I like to be a part of stuff that involves using my problem solving skills and fortunately, I do that a lot at my job. Even apart from my job, I try to apply those skills to simple problems that I come across, mostly from the current affairs. Hopefully, a career in management would help me brush up those skills.
    As mentioned above, I have multi-dimensional interests, probably that is what accounts for a lack of passion in a particular field :-)

  4. Dear Kushal Bhatnagar,
    Thanks for sharing your story. From your story, it seems like you are LIVING your life and that's awesome. I din't mean to have something as passionate as an ultimate goal of life. What all I want is everyone should come out and do a little for their wishes, hobbies, desires. For some lucky people, that hobby itself is a career, a passion. As you said, you have multi-dimensional interests, we all sail in the same boat. We all have too many dreams, one of which is the most important for which we strive the hardest to achieve it. What is important is to keep the other dreams in line too and do a lil bit for them too. And you are already doing it. So, Kudos (y)!!

  5. Mahak, I guess there are many reasons why we fail to accomplish we ought to - different people, different poison. But I guess the trick is to take that one step at a time and keep on moving. I can very well relate to the imaginary wall which stops us from moving ahead. As you said, trying out and dipping you toe in the water is the first step, jumping into it next! My wife has incidentally written a very good post on the effort which you can read here -
    Good luck to you in this journey, there are many people and ideas around to keep you motivated!