Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Controversy!!! Hype!! Views!! Result??

Before posting this, I had thought  so many times. I even wanted to have someone proofread it before I make it public, but then, its my opinion, its my choice. I know I am not wrong.. 

So, I was working in my office and a colleague (male) of mine was sharing a post on FB which was a perfect answer (according to him) to the much controversial video of women empowerment by VOGUE featuring  Deepika Padukon. First of all, Hats off to deepkia's bold performance. She has always been my favourite. Other than that, the controversy it created is quite huge.  When I watched it, I was of neutral opinion, I had not taken seriously everything that she said. I was like, okay, its our own choice whatever we want to do to aur lives, we can do. Its "My Choice". Even I asked my colleague what was wrong in that which I quite realized after I read his post. The message that was ought to empower women was rather communicated in a wrong direction. There was a point in the video that its a woman's choice to have sex outside marriage or not. Now the controversy is, if a woman can make this choice , men should also have this choice . And if all this is taken as righteous, then it questions our whole concept of marriage. If a marriage doesn't work because of some reason and the two people involved mutually agree on starting a new life with other partners, then its a different thing. But the message in video , in one way or other, supports adultery. Be it in India or in any part of the world, cheating should never be a choice. Neither it empowers women solely by arguing that even men do that . If we start going in this direction, then one day, we will also support that women can rape because men do so. I am not saying that men are the culprits in every crime, I am only trying to make a point here that we are not supposed to support wrong deeds in the name of women empowerment. 

We, the women who need empowerment in this male dominant society today, are happily sharing the video , stating.. "Its my choice", "Must watch", "Must share".. Are we totally blind that we could not see the controversial part?? May be YES.. or may be NO because of the way we perceived it. When she said "Sex outside marriage", most of us have not even noticed this because we were more enrolled in the idea behind the video, that it should be my choice, not the "sex outside marriage" part, but the other decisions of life that we need to take. And we should not be judged for every decision we take, every choice we make.  Such emotional fools we are, got caught up in this controversy without even wanting to support it. That's all right, its not like we are now supporting it. (Some of us might do that, but that's just another example of double standards of our society).

The video said what it said. It might be a business strategy of VOGUE, or whatever it might be. The thing is we are not kids anymore that one video will teach us what we ought to do and what not. What's right and what's wrong, we can evaluate ourselves and can choose aur own path. Empowering women doesn't mean we can bring down men, or take away men's freedom. Its all about giving women equal status, equal rights and equal freedom .

I believe , all the efforts that people are making in this direction, will not go in vain . We will live this dream one day . Aameen! 

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