Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My very First..

On the onset of this year, I was very sure that I will not make resolutions this year. For resolutions are meant to be broken or forgotten or just the new year's craze that ends with the dawn.. But unconsciously, I was dreaming, dreaming of chasing my dreams, chasing myself. I made a whole long list in my mind , which ultimately falls in the 'Resolution_list_2015'. Funny though, I might end up forgetting and being at the same place next year as I am today, but there is a hunger that is keeping me awake .. Gladly, I made a start. Say it for all the signs I received , or my own unconscious chase, here I am writing my first blog. At first, I was so damn clueless, from where to start and where will it end. Will it end being the lonesome article that no one might even bother to read ?? But wait, am I doing this for others? No, this is for me , for those so many random thoughts of my mind. For dreams are never achieved in a single night, I am sure, if not a success, this will for sure keep me alive. And most importantly, the content smile and happy face while writing my first one, undoubtedly, this will keep me going. With lots of hope and cheer for a new journey, signing off  to come back with the better :)